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Villmarkstur (Wilderness Tours) is located on the fringes of the Arctic region. We base our adventure experiences on the enormous wilderness areas of the interior of Troms County in Northern Norway. Here, in the inland for several thousand years, the indigenous Saami populations have gathered their reindeer herds and utilized what the nature has provided. Villmarkstur takes individuals and groups of up to 15 people into these areas, which are rich in natural resources. We specialize in grouse hunting, fishing and hiking summer or winter.

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A three-day weekend in the mountains of Inner Troms (Friday-Sunday)
This exciting tour enables you to see fantastic Arctic nature in our area. Together with your guide, you will travel 50 km into the mountains in the peripheral zone to untouched wilderness. 

You may choose between staying in a cabin without electricity and running water or in our base camp comprising two-layer insulated tents with wood-burner stoves and field beds. Regardless of which accommodation option you choose, we have a water pump, firewood hut and toilet facilities. 

You choose whether you wish to be accompanied by a guide for the full duration (price supplement). If you choose to stay in the cabin, you will have no problems managing a weekend on your own in the mountains. 

If you opt for a weekend without a guide, it is an excellent opportunity to relax and forget the stresses of everyday life. Go on some short hikes in the area or some cross-country ski treks in winter. It is also possible to fish for trout or Arctic char or hunt for grouse.

The Mountain weekend is available from January to September. The winter season runs from January 1 to May 15, while the summer season runs from June 20 to October 10.The best time for ice-fishing is from March 15 to May 15.The best time for fishing during summer is June to August.The Norwegian grouse hunting season runs from September 10 to March 15.

Approximate cost per person NOK 6.000 (including VAT). Accommodation in a cabin or Villmarkstur-Venor base camp.

The Mountain weekend package during the winter season includes.
A guide who provides all transport between the road and the cabin/camp by
snowmobile during winter.
A guide who provides all transport between the road and the cabin/camp by boat during summer.
Thermal suit and helmet for snowmobile trip.
Parking permit for a private car at Lake Altevatn.
Children under 12 free.
You have hut or base camp exclusivly for yourself.

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The new Rohkunborri National Park in Bardu will be formally recognised by the Norwegian parliament in 2010.

The national park is designed to protect vulnerable nature with a wide diversity of fauna and flora in a 500 km² area.

The duration of the tour is around four hours and will enable you to visit a small proportion of the park area. In summer, we travel by boat along Lake Altevatn then on foot, while in winter we use snowmobiles and skis or snowshoes which we provide.

January 1 – May 15 and June 15 – October 10

Approximate cost per person NOK 2.000 (including VAT)

The tour price includes:
Return transportation from the road to the national park (by boat in summer and snowmobile in winter) 
Thermal suit and helmet for snowmobile trip (winter)


Experiencing the magical Northern Lights on a cold winter’s night is a wonderful experience. The mountains bathe in a blue-green light.

Every calendar month during winter you also have the opportunity to experience the full moon. Seeing the landscape in the blue light is both spellbinding and mystical. We also arrange snowmobile safaris on Lake Altevatn.

On these tours you may customise what you want to experience.

Northern Lights (reliant on clear weather)
Full moon, arranged in periods round a full moon (evenings only and reliant on clear weather)
Ice-fishing for arctic char or trout.
Visit one of our base camps, including a basic meal. 
Snowmobile safari  

Snowmobile safaris are arranged from January 1 to May 10 
Northern Lights experiences are arranged from January 1 to April 15 
Full moon experiences are arranged +/- three days round a full moon, once per calendar month

Please contact us for further details. Price will depend on length of the trip.

The tour price includes:
Use of snowmobile (2 persons per snowmobile)
Thermal suit and helmet


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